About Our Brand

” The journey of creativity and style started in the early 90’s as a passion of a high school boy who used to imitate embroideries of famous designers on my plain white school uniform shirts with his needle and thread. At this time, I didn’t even understand anything like copyrights . The whole passion seemed swept under carpet when I got into the university and had to focus on my studies, then work as an employee for about a decade, then the passion reawakened. “
Easymidej attended a Fashion Designing program at the Made Institute in Philadelphia in 2018, and this was when the need to roll out production started. We started with creativity in making female clothing. In January 2019, we added jewelries such as customized and plain beaded bracelets for wrist, waist, and ankles. After several requests, we added customized and plain neck chains, hand chains, waist and ankle chains. However, Easymidej is still growing and expanding in categories.
One thing that drives us is the embedded passion for creativity from early days and what has retained our customers over the years is our style and quality that brings out the class in you.
To break boundaries of cultural differences by merging various cultures and styles into quality designs to depict love, peace, confidence and bring out the class in you.
To build a Fashion Empire and to be a Globally recognized fashion brand.